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Nephropides caribaeus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Class: Malacostraca
Order: Decapoda
Family: Nephropidae
Genus: Nephropides
Manning, 1969
Species: N. caribaeus
Binomial name
Nephropides caribaeus
Manning, 1969

Nephropides caribaeus is a species of lobster, the only species in the genus Nephropides. It is found in western parts of the Caribbean Sea, from Belize to Colombia. It grows to a total length of around 170 mm (6.7 in), and is covered in conspicuous tubercles.


Nephropides caribaeus is a narrow lobster, resembling Nephropsis or Nephrops. Adults of N. caribaeus are typically 155–170 millimetres (6.1–6.7 in) in total length, or 51–58 mm (2.0–2.3 in) in carapace length.[2] It differs from Nephropsis in that the eyes contain pigment, which is lacking in Nephropsis.[2] The rostrum has 2–3 lateral spines, but no spines on the lower edge.[2] The whole body is covered in large tubercles, including the first pereiopods with their large chelae, and the other, smaller pereiopods.[2]

Distribution and ecology[edit]

Nephropides caribaeus is found in the western Caribbean Sea, and has been recorded from Belize to Colombia.[1] It is a deep-water species, living on muddy bottoms at depths of 455–728 metres (1,493–2,388 ft).[1]

Taxonomic history[edit]

The genus Nephropides and the species N. caribaeus were both erected in 1969 by Raymond B. Manning. A second species later described in the genus has since been transferred to Thymops as Thymops birsteini.[3] The Food and Agriculture Organization has assigned the species an English name of "mitten lobsterette".[4] The type locality is at 12°25′N 82°15′W / 12.417°N 82.250°W / 12.417; -82.250, off the coast of Nicaragua, at a depth of 546–582 metres (1,791–1,909 ft).[4] The generic name Nephropides alludes to a close relationship with the genus Nephrops, while the specific epithet caribaeus is a reference to the Caribbean Sea.[2]


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