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Usurper of the Roman Empire
Centenionalis-Nepotianus-rome RIC 200.2.jpg
Nepotianus on a coin bearing
his claimed title of Augustus
Reign3–30 June 350
(in competition with Magnentius)[1]
Died(350-06-30)30 June 350
Full name
Flavius Julius Popilius
Nepotianus Constantinus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Flavius Julius Popilius Nepotianus Constantinus Augustus
FatherVirius Nepotianus

Julius Nepotianus (died June 30, 350),[1] sometimes known in English as Nepotian, was a member of the Constantinian dynasty who reigned as a short-lived usurper of the Roman Empire. He ruled the city of Rome for twenty-eight days, before being killed by his rival usurper Magnentius' general Marcellinus.[1]


Nepotianus was the son of Eutropia, half-sister of Emperor Constantine I,[2] and of Virius Nepotianus. On his mother's side, he was the grandson of Emperor Constantius Chlorus and Flavia Maximiana Theodora.


After the revolt of Magnentius, Nepotianus proclaimed himself "emperor" and entered Rome with a band of gladiators[2] on 3 June 350.[1] After attempting to resist Nepotianus with an undisciplined force of Roman citizens, the defeated Praefectus urbi Titianus (or Anicius, or Anicetus), a supporter of Magnentius, fled the city.

Magnentius quickly dealt with this revolt[2] by sending his trusted magister officiorum Marcellinus to Rome. According to Eutropius, Nepotianus was killed in the resulting struggle (on 30 June), his head put on a lance and borne around the city.[2] In the following days, his mother Eutropia was also killed, during the persecution of the supporters of Nepotianus, most of whom were senators.

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