Neptun, Romania

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Neptune Station
Stațiunea Neptun
The beach
The beach
Neptune Station is located in Romania
Neptune Station
Neptune Station
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 43°51′58″N 28°36′19″E / 43.86611°N 28.60528°E / 43.86611; 28.60528Coordinates: 43°51′58″N 28°36′19″E / 43.86611°N 28.60528°E / 43.86611; 28.60528
 • Total~1,000
The resort

Neptun is a summer resort on the Romanian seacoast, on the Black Sea, 6 km (3.7 mi) north of Mangalia. It is part of a string of such resorts, Olimp, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, and Venus.


Neptun hosts the summer residence of the president, Nufărul (English: The Water Lily).

Built in 1972, it is owned by the Importanne Resort corporation. Located on a beach called "At the flags" (Romanian: La steaguri).

Tourist attractions[edit]

People can go camping, watch open air cinema, play minigolf in one of the 2 minigolf fields, go to nautic sports sites.

Trees from the pathway to the beach

Restaurants show a large variety of culinary preparations, with fish specialities, prices for a 1-person meal being under 45 Euros.

Here you can treat degenerative, inflammatory and diarthritic rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic states, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, dermatological diseases, respiratory and other disorders.


The marine climate has hot summers (the average temperature in June being over 22 Celsius, most of the days being sunny, and winters being gentle with rare snows. The average temperature being 11.2 Celsius, and rains are low (under 400 mm yearly).


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