Neptune Range

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Neptune Range is located in Antarctica
Neptune Range
Neptune Range
Neptune Range in Antarctica

The Neptune Range is a mountain range, 112 km (70 mi) long, lying WSW of Forrestal Range in the central part of the Pensacola Mountains in Antarctica. The range is composed of Washington Escarpment with its associated ridges, valleys and peaks, the Iroquois Plateau, and the Schmidt and Williams Hills. It was discovered and photographed on January 13, 1956 on a US Navy transcontinental plane flight from McMurdo Sound to Weddell Sea and return.

Named by US-ACAN after the Navy 2V-2N Neptune aircraft with which this flight was made. The entire Pensacola Mountains were mapped by USGS in 1967 and 1968 from ground surveys and U.S. Navy tricamera aerial photographs taken in 1964.[1] Coordinates: 83°30′S 056°00′W / 83.500°S 56.000°W / -83.500; -56.000

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 This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the United States Geological Survey.