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Nera Networks AS
Industry Electronics
Founded 1947
Headquarters Norway
Revenue NOK 2,370 million (2004)
NOK –167.1 million (2004)
Parent Ceragon
Nera satellite phone antenna pointing across Noakchott, Mauritania
Front of Nera satellite phone antenna pointing across Noakchott, Mauritania

Nera Networks AS was a Norwegian company working in the field of wireless telecommunications using microwave and satellite technology. Formerly a subsidiary of Eltek, it was based in Bergen, with offices in 26 countries and more than 1,500 employees. The company was acquired by Ceragon Networks in 2011[1]

Nera is operational through its three subsidiaries:

  • Nera Networks AS (transmission systems). Proving radio link equipment and systems, antenna systems and turnkey telecommunications transmission networks. Mainly sold to telecommunication equipment makers and mobile and broadcast network operators.
  • Nera SatCom AS (satellite communications business). Providing satellite communication equipment for global data and voice at land, sea, and air. In 2007 Nera SatCom was purchased by Thrane and Thrane.
  • Nera Telecommunications Ltd (broadband access). Providing wireless broadband access, infrastructure, payment solutions, and broadcasting.

As of 2004 Nera also owns a 50.18% interest in the public company NeraTel located in Singapore.


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