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Logo of the Athens Metro Operating Company (AMEL).svg Nerantziotissa
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Neratziotissa Station at Maroussi.jpg
Line 1 station
LocationMarousi, Attica
Operated byStatheres Sygkoinonies S.A.
Structure typeElevated
Platform levels3
Opened6 August 2004
Preceding station   Logo of the Athens Metro Operating Company (AMEL).svg Athens Metro   Following station
towards Piraeus
Line 1
towards Kifisia
Preceding station   Proastiakos icon (no text).svg Proastiakos   Following station
towards Piraeus
Piraeus – Airport
towards Airport
towards Ano Liosia
Ano Liosia – Airport
towards Airport

Nerantziotissa station is a complex of two train stations located in Maroussi, Greece, a northern suburb of Athens. The first is a station of the Athens Metro (line 1, ISAP and the second is a suburban railway (Proastiakos) station. Its name comes from an old Byzantine church, Panagia Nerantziotissa (Παναγία Νεραντζιώτισσα), located nearby. The station is near the Mall, a large US-style shopping centre. It is also close to Athens Olympic Sports Complex.

Nerantziotissa station was built for the 2004 Olympic Games. As of 2019, the station is served by two trains per hour to the airport, one to Ano Liosia and one to Piraeus.[2]

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