Nerd Corps Entertainment

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Nerd Corps Entertainment
Founded2002; 21 years ago (2002)
Defunct2016; 7 years ago (2016)
FateMerged with Studio B Productions to form DHX Studios
SuccessorDHX Studios
Key people
  • Ken Faier (President)
  • Asaph Fipke (CEO)
  • Chuck Johnson (COO)
ParentDHX Media (2014–2016)
The evolution of WildBrain
WildBrain logo.svg
1968FilmFair is founded
1971DIC Audiovisuel is founded
1974CPLG is founded
1976CINAR and Colossal Pictures are founded
1982The American DIC, known as DIC Enterprises, is founded
1987The French DIC, known as DIC Audiovisuel, closes
1988Studio B Productions is founded
1992Epitome Pictures is founded
1993DIC Enterprises becomes DIC Entertainment
1994Wild Brain is founded and DIC Entertainment is branded as "The Incredible World of DIC"
1996CINAR buys FilmFair's library
1997Decode Entertainment is founded
1999Colossal Pictures sells to Wild Brain
2002Nerd Corps Entertainment is founded
2004Halifax Film Company is founded and CINAR rebrands as Cookie Jar Group
2006Decode Entertainment and Halifax Film merge forming DHX Media and DIC acquires CPLG
2007DHX Media buys Studio B Productions and Wild Brain becomes Wildbrain Entertainment
2008DIC Entertainment is folded into, merged, and acquired by Cookie Jar Group
2010DHX Media buys Wildbrain Entertainment
2012DHX Media buys Cookie Jar Group
2013DHX Media buys Ragdoll Worldwide
2014DHX Media buys Epitome Pictures, Nerd Corps Entertainment and Echo Bridge Home Entertainment and Cookie Jar Group is merged and folded into DHX itself
2016Decode Entertainment closes, the WildBrain multi-channel network is launched, and Studio B Productions merges with Nerd Corps Entertainment forming DHX Studios
2017Wildbrain Entertainment closes and DHX Media buys Iconix Brands Entertainment
2018Halifax Film becomes Island of Misfits as an independent company by IoM Media Ventures
2019Epitome Pictures closes, DHX Media rebrands itself as WildBrain, and the WildBrain multi-channel network becomes WildBrain Spark
2020CPLG becomes WildBrain CPLG

Nerd Corps Entertainment was a Canadian animation studio located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded by former Mainframe Entertainment producers Asaph Fipke and Chuck Johnson in 2002, it specialized in CGI animation, computer animation, and Flash animation.

Aside just animation, Nerd Corps developed and produced in-house television works and produced promotional materials and creative services for merchandising and licensing partners.[1]

It was acquired by DHX Media on December 24, 2014,[2][3] who then merged it with another acquired animation studio, Studio B Productions, to form its in-house flagship division, DHX Studios in 2016.

The studio notably produces the Monster High animated films for Mattel and animated series including Slugterra, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Kate & Mim-Mim, Storm Hawks, League of Super Evil, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, and Max Steel.


On December 24, 2014, Canadian company DHX Media acquired Nerd Corps.[2][3]

In 2016, the former Nerd Corps team was relocated to a new facility in Vancouver, which also houses the former Studio B Productions, an animation studio which DHX Media acquired in 2007.[4]


Animation only[edit]

  • The Deep (2015–present) (co-produced with DHX Media and Technicolor SA, continued on as DHX Studios Vancouver)


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