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For the genus of tilt-legged flies, see Neria (fly). For the Israeli village, see Neria, Mateh Binyamin.
Directed by Godwin Mawuru
Produced by John Riber
Louise Riber
Written by Tsitsi Dangarembga (story)
Louise Riber (screenplay)
Starring Jesese Mungoshi
Anthony Chinyanga
Dominic Kanaventi
Release date
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
103 minutes
Country Zimbabwe
Language English

Neria is a Zimbabwean film made in 1993, written by the novelist Tsitsi Dangarembga. It is directed by Godwin Mawuru and the screenplay was written by Louise Riber. It is the highest-grossing film in Zimbabwean history.[1]

The film concerns the struggles of a woman in a suburb of the capital; Harare, Warren Park, in Zimbabwe when she is widowed after her husband is killed in an accident. Her husband's older brother takes advantage of the death of his younger brother, and uses the inheritance for self-benefit at the expense of Neria and her two children.The movie was well crafted and amazingly had one of the best picture quality of that time. Oliver Mtukudzi's fame was increased even more and the sound track neria remains one of the most celebrated Zimbabwean songs. r[2] The soundtrack of the film was sung by Oliver Mtukudzi.


  • Anthony Chinyanga (Mr. Chigwanzi)
  • Dominic Kanaventi (Phineas)
  • Claude Maredza (Mr. Machacha)
  • Emmanuel Mbrirmi (Patrick)
  • Jesese Mungoshi (Neria)
  • Violet Ndlovu (Ambuya)
  • Sharon Malujlo (Canadian Tourist)
  • Garikai Mudzamiri.


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