Neribeichō, Tokyo

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Neribeichō (練塀町), officially Kanda-Neribeichō (神田練塀町), is a district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. As April 1, 2007, its population is 246. Its postal code is 101-0022.

Kanda-Neribeichō is located on the northeastern part of Chiyoda. It borders Akihabara, Taitō to the north, Kanda-Matsunagachō to the east, Kanda-Aioichō, and Soto-Kanda to the west.

Located to the north of the Akihabara Station, Neribeichō is home to several skyscrapers including Fujisoft Akihabara Building (富士ソフト秋葉原ビル) and Park Tower Akihabara (パークタワー秋葉原).