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Nerjyzed Entertainment, LLC
Industry Software & Programming
Founded Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (2003)
Headquarters Baton Rougue, Louisiana, USA

Nerjyzed Entertainment, LLC (NE) is a privately held video game and 3D animation development and publishing company founded in 2003, and headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[1] Nerjyzed is responsible for the development of Black College Football: BCFX: The Xperience, the first video game to solely feature sports teams from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's). The founding members of Nerjyzed hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from HBCUs.

Nerjyzed was the first videogame company to be certified as a participant in Louisiana’s digital media tax incentive program.[2]

According to several reputable news sources, Nerjyzed began experiencing financial problems in 2009 and ultimately stopped paying employees.[3]


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