Neruppu Da

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Neruppu Da
Neruppu Da Poster.jpg
Tamilநெருப்பு டா
Directed byB. Ashok Kumar
Produced byVikram Prabhu
Esakki Durai
R. K. Ajaykumar
Written byB. Ashok Kumar
StarringVikram Prabhu
Nikki Galrani
Music bySean Roldan
CinematographyR. D. Rajasekhar
Edited byThiyagu
First Artist
Chandra Arts
Distributed byCine Innovations
Release date
8 September 2017

Neruppu Da (English: Fire 'Em Up) is a 2017 Indian Tamil language action thriller film written and directed by debutant B. Ashok Kumar.[1] The film was produced by Vikram Prabhu under his First Artist production company and stars him in the lead role alongside Nikki Galrani. The film's production started in July 2016. The film was released on 8 September 2017.[1][2][3] It was dubbed in Hindi as Fire Man Surya


Guru, Patta, Dhana, Parthi, and Seenu are five childhood friends. Their main aim is to join the fire service and save lives. Until they get their jobs, they go around places dousing off fires and saving lives by themselves. Their actions are praised by everyone, including the zonal fire officer Narayanamoorthy, who promises them that they will get their jobs if they write and pass the exam that is needed for them to join the fire service.

The night before the exam, an injured Dhana meets his friends. He tells them that while he was coming back home, he was stopped by a man named Sadha and his friend. Sadha tells his friend that he is an unstoppable don. Sadha assaults Dhana, and Dhana pushes him away and escapes. The other friends later go to the place where the incident happened. To their shock, they see Sadha dead. It is revealed that when Dhana pushed Sadha, Sadha hit a rock and succumbed to his injury. It is also revealed that he was the right hand of "Puliyanthope" Ravi, the city's most feared don.

The friends seek help from MLA Kabaali, who tells them that Ravi will come to them to avenge Sadha's death. Guru suggests that the friends finish off Ravi, so the friends decide to kidnap him. The friends later visit Sadha's burial place, where all the Chennai dons have assembled. Guru tells his friends that once Ravi goes away, they will kidnap him. At the site, Ravi asked Sadha's friend, who was drinking when the incident happened, only for him to not remember anything as he was drunk. Ravi then kills Sadha's friend, and Guru is relieved since the only evidence against the friends is Sadha's dead friend. Guru then gets a call from two of his friends, who were hiding in another place. They tell him that they have kidnapped Ravi. Ravi actually does not know who kidnapped him, so the friends release him. However, Ravi is, in fact, keen on finding the man who kidnapped him and killed Sadha. He then catches Kabali, who tells him everything. The friends are tracked down by Ravi. Guru later engages in a fight with Ravi and his henchmen, where he defeats his henchmen but spares Ravi. Ravi still has vengeance and threatens to kill Guru's loved ones.

Some days later, Guru's father Manikkam is killed. Guru suspects that it was Ravi but finds him and his henchmen dead. Suddenly, Guru gets a call saying that his friends and girlfriend Vasumathi (Narayanamoorthy's daughter) have been kidnapped, and he must come to a location if he wants to see them alive. There, it is revealed that the person behind the murders is Annam, Sadha's transgender wife who has been trying to avenge his death. She approaches Ravi, but he refuses to help her, so she kills him and Manikkam. Annam thinks that Guru shattered her life, so she decides to kill Vasumathi. Dhana escapes and pushes Annam into a pyre, which was burning. Guru saves Vasumathi, his friends, Annam and says that he will never let someone get killed by fire. Guru apologizes to Annam, saying that Sadha's death was an accident. Annam gets moved by his gesture and forgives him.

Later, the friends wrote the exam, succeed in passing it, join the fire service, and rush to a spot to save people.


  • Vikram Prabhu as Guru, the protagonist who wants to be part of the fire service
  • Nikki Galrani as Vasumathi, Guru's love interest
  • Sangeetha as Annam, a transgender who wants to avenge her husband's death
  • Madhusudhan Rao as "Puliyanthope" Ravi, feared don who gets killed by Annam
  • Vincent Asokan as Sadha, Ravi's right-hand man and Annam's husband, who gets killed when Dhana pushes him
  • Aadukalam Naren as Commissioner Ramkumar
  • Ponvannan as Manikkam, Guru's father, who also gets killed by Annam
  • Rajendran as MLA Kabali, Guru's well-wisher
  • Nagineedu as Narayanamoorthy, Vasumathi's father and zonal fire officer
  • Varun as Dhana, Guru's friend who accidentally pushes Sadha and makes him die of his injury
  • Rajkumar as Parthi, Guru's friend
  • Arumugam Kutty Ambani as Kootathil Oruvan
  • Arumugam O. P. as Guru's friend
  • Vincent as Samba
  • Dinesh Karna as Dass
  • Raja Simman as Sivam
  • R. S. Shivaji
  • Ramachandran Durairaj


The title of the film was taken from the popular song from Rajinikanth's Kabali (2016), with the team feeling that Vikram Prabhu's character as a firefighter and a Rajinikanth fan meant that the title would be apt.[4] The film began production on 11 July 2016 at Old Mahabalipuram Road. Few scenes of the film were shot at SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai. This movie deals with the complete life of fire brigades.[5]


The soundtrack was composed by Sean Roldan.

Neruppu Da
Soundtrack album by
ProducerSean Roldan
Sean Roldan chronology
Power Paandi
Neruppu Da
Katha Nayagan
1."Aalangiliyae"Sean Roldan, Shweta Mohan3:24
2."Karukku Kallangolu"Anirudh Ravichander3:28
3."Andha Madhiri Ponna"Ravi G3:52
4."Enga Pona"Sean Roldan2:47
5."Iruda Poruda"Blaaze2:10
Total length:15:41


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