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Nerva may refer to:

  • Nerva, a Roman cognomen
    • Nerva (30–98), Roman emperor (reigning 96–98)
    • Nerva Traianus, or Trajan (53–117), Roman emperor (reigning 98–117)
    • Cocceii Nervae, a family of the gens Cocceia
    • Licinii Nervae, a family of the gens Licinia.
    • Quintus Acutius Nerva, Roman consul in AD 100, from the gens Acutia
  • Nerva (artist), Estonian graphic artist
  • Nerva, Huelva, municipality in Huelva province, Spain
  • NERVA – acronym for "Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application", part of a NASA project to produce a nuclear thermal rocket engine
  • Nerva, the leader of a hemophage resistance group from which Violet Song-jat Shariff separates, in the movie Ultraviolet
  • Space Station Nerva, a fictional space station from the Doctor Who episodes "The Ark in Space" and "Revenge of the Cybermen"