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Neschasthy Sluchai on a stage

Neschastny Sluchai (Russian: Несчастный случай) is a Russian comedy rock band that was formed in 1983 by students of Moscow State University Valdis Pelsh and Alexei Kortnev.[1][2] The name translates into English as "(unfortunate) accident", although the band is often called simply The Accident. Despite being popular in Russia, the band is virtually unknown outside. The band leader, Alexei Kortnev, has repeatedly cited as major influences such bands as Queen, King Crimson, and Genesis. The band's lyrics are at the same time grotesque and sentimental while their music features complicated structures and melodic turns rooted in the prog rock of the '70s. They are still active in Russia and have released thirteen albums (by 2010).

lead singer Alexei Kortnev
sax player Pavel Mordyukov
synth player Sergei Chekryzhov

Alexei Kortnev, lead singer of Neschastny Sluchai, along with actors Mikhail Shirvindt and Igor Zolotovitsky, have championed old fashioned values (as they term it) including heterosexuality. Among the other participants in this movement are Channel One presenter Valdis Pelsh, who is a former member of Neschastny Sluchai (Moscow Times, June 1, 2006).


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