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Neshama Carlebach (born October 9, 1974 in New York) (נשמה קרליבך), daughter of the Jewish singer-songwriter Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, is a teacher, entertainer, singer, and the protégé of her late father. Her full name is "Esther Neshama Tehora Shlucha" (a pure soul that descended to this world). Her career as a recording artist and as an occasional essayist has reached interfaith communities and has addressed social issues in America, Israel and Jewish community spanning the world.


Neshama Carlebach began training as a singer and actress at the age five and began singing with her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, at 15. She began her professional career soon after her father's death in 1994. Neshama has performed and taught in cities worldwide, has sung on the Broadway stage, has sold more than one million records, has sparked public conversation with brave forays into the place of women in Judaism, the importance of religious pluralism, and her own experiences as a woman. She was a six-time entrant in the 2011 Grammy Awards. Neshama was also one of the creators of the Broadway play Soul Doctor.

In November 2016, Neshama was inducted into the Brooklyn Hall of Fame, where she received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her work.

Carlebach continues to perform in Concert Halls, Interfaith Celebrations, Community Centers, synagogues, churches, and summer camps worldwide. She also collaborates with the Glory to God Singers, performing her own original music as well as her father's repertoire.

Neshama became engaged to marry noted social activist and author Rabbi Menachem Creditor in the Fall of 2017.


  • Soul (1996)
  • Ha Neshama Shel Shlomo (1997)
  • Dancing With My Soul (2000)
  • Ani Shelach (2001)
  • Journey (2004)
  • One and One (2008)
  • Higher & Higher (2010)
  • Every Little Soul Must Shine (2011)
  • Soul Daughter (2015)

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