Neskuchny Garden

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Coordinates: 55°42′58″N 37°35′17″E / 55.7161°N 37.5881°E / 55.7161; 37.5881

The pavilion in Neskuchny Garden where the game What? Where? When? takes place

Neskuchny Garden (Russian: Неску́чный сад; literally meaning "not boring" or "merry") is the oldest park in Moscow, Russia. With an area of 40.8 hectares and a former Emperor's residence, created as a result of the integration of three estates in the 18th century, it also contains the Green Theater, one of the largest open amphiteaters in Europe, which can sit 15,000 people.

TV broadcasting of famous game What? Where? When? (Russian: Что? Где? Когда?) takes place in the Okhotnichy domik that is located in the Neskuchny Garden.

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