Nesodden–Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap

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AS Nesodden–Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap
Industry Transport
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served
Key people
Petter Skou (CEO)
Number of employees
50 (2007)
Parent Fosen Trafikklag (51%)
Municipality of Nesodden (38%)

Nesodden–Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap, Nesoddbåtene or NBDS is a Norwegian shipping company that operates the passenger ferry in Oslofjord. The company has six ships, of which two are high-speed, and has 50 employees. The company has 2.7 million passengers annually. The primary function is to transport people between Nesodden and Oslo. Nesodden is a suburb across the fjord of Oslo and the ferry service is the fastest way between the two places.

Services are between Nesoddtangen in Nesodden to Aker Brygge in Oslo and Lysaker. In addition there is a rush hour service between Aker Brygge and Slemmestad and Vollen in Asker as well as a summer route Aker Brygge to Drøbak via a number of islands in Oslo Fjord and western Nesodden.[1]

The company is owned 51% by Fosen Trafikklag and 38% by the Municipality of Nesodden, and has operated on contract with Stor-Oslo Lokaltrafikk, but the route will be made a public service obligation (PSO). The has sold[clarification needed] parts of its stock in the company, after a reluctant period without purchasers, because the new operator will have to invest approximately NOK 60 million in new ships.[2] Previously the municipality owned 87% of the company.

The ferry Smørbukk


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