Ness Botanic Gardens

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An area of Ness Botanic Gardens in 2006

Ness Botanic Gardens are situated near the English and Welsh border in The Wirral, near the city of Chester. They occupy a site of 64 acres overlooking the Dee estuary. The Gardens have evolved since Arthur Kilpin Bulley (1861-1942), a wealthy cotton trader from Liverpool, who funded many garden hunters including George Forrest and Frank Kingdon-Ward.[1][2]

Arthur began to create the garden in 1898. In 1948, his daughter, Lois, gave the Gardens upon a conditional Trust to the University of Liverpool. As a condition of the Trust, the Gardens must remain open to the public. They are on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens and are graded II.[3] The Gardens have many specimen trees and flowers; snowdrop walks are conducted during the flowering season.


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