Nest Family Entertainment

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Nest Family Entertainment
FormerlyFamily Entertainment Network,
Family Entertainment
TypeProduction company
Founded1980; 41 years ago (1980)
FoundersJared F. Brown,
Stephen W. Griffin,
Seldon O. Young
United States

Nest Family Entertainment is an American family entertainment company based in Coppell, Texas. It was formed in 1980 as Family Entertainment Network by Jared F. Brown, Stephen W. Griffin, and Seldon O. Young. The company has produced several animated films and TV series since the 80's which includes the Animated Stories from the New Testament, The Swan Princess, The King and I, and The Scarecrow among others.


Nest Family Entertainment started as Family Entertainment Network in 1980. The company was founded by Jared F. Brown, Stephen W. Griffin, and Seldon O Young. It first released dramatized audio cassettes sets that are based on stories from the Holy Bible. In 1981, Nest Family Entertainment founded another company, Living History Productions, to release dramatized audio cassettes set that are based on beloved principles of hero classics. The studio was owned by Richard Rich's animation studios Rich Entertainment from 1987 to 1993, finally it was renamed to Rich Animation Studios, then Family Entertainment Network was renamed to Family Entertainment. Also in the fall of 1994, Family Entertainment was renamed to Nest Entertainment.

In 1996, Living History Productions was folded into Nest Entertainment. Rich Animation Studios was sold to Indian animation company Crest Animation Studios in 2000, and changed its name to RichCrest Animation Studios before being renamed again to Crest Animation Productions. Crest Animation Productions was shutdown in 2013 and folded into Splash Entertainment.

After the president of Nest Family Entertainment Stephen W. Griffin has stepped down in 1994, Nest Family Entertainment and Rich Animation created the original 1994 animated feature film, The Swan Princess, with New Line Cinema distributing (now distributed by Sony Pictures). The intellectual property rights for The Swan Princess art, logo, and title have been transferred to Swan Princess Partners Utah LLC[1] (DBA Swan Princess Partners).[2] Swan Princess Partners is also owned by Jared F. Brown and Seldon O. Young, and is currently active in merchandizing The Swan Princess brand and creating more animated films with Sony Pictures and Streetlight Productions (Richard Rich's production studio).

Nest Family Entertainment distributes short animated films for children's education, such as Animated Hero Classics which was owned by Living History Productions until 1996 and Warner-Nest Animation until 1997. Finally Nest Family Entertainment released the last Animated Hero Classics story, "Beethoven" in 2004.



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