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NetBus (mobile application)
Developer(s) David Vatine, Snir Machluf, Shimon Tohami, Liav Sagron
Stable release 1.3 Beta
Operating system Android

Mobile Application

NetBus or Netbus is a mobile application providing real time information regarding public transportation schedule.

The company has established to address the problem of inaccuracy on public transportation in Israel. NetBus currently offers a range of services for passengers on public transportation such as Website, Mobile app, and an optimized site for mobile phones.

These services include[edit]

  1. Real-time data regarding to arrival times of buses.
  2. Monitoring the progress of the bus on a map.
  3. Reminders and updates regarding the bus location in real time.

These solutions coupled with a revolutionary user interface, constitute a revolution in public transport applications all over the world.


Each and every public transport bus in Israel equipped with a GPS component that detects and transmits the bus location at any given moment. This data sent every 20 seconds - so we could always know the approximate location of the bus.

The bus reports its location to servers of the Ministry of Transport. The server uses an algorithm that calculates the arrival time of the bus to the station, taking into account traffic jams, traffic lights, stops at stations, hazards way, statistics and more.

NetBus pulls the data from the Ministry of Transport servers and displaying it on a beautiful, easy and simple user interface. The data presented to the user on a map accompanied by the progress of the bus in real-time.

The Team[edit]

  • David Vatine, CMO & Co Founder
  • Snir Machluf, CFO, Graphic artist & Co Founder
  • Shimon Tohami, CTO & Co Founder
  • Liav Sagron, CSO & Co Founder

External links[edit]

  • Official site