NetCom (Norway)

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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1993
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Products Telecommunication services
Owner TeliaSonera
NetCom HQ in Nydalen

NetCom is a Norwegian mobile phone operator. Founded in 1993, it is the second largest mobile phone operator in Norway. The company has about 1.641 [1] million subscribers (April 2013), and the company headquarters are located in Nydalen in Oslo. It is owned by the Swedish and Finnish company TeliaSonera. In 2007, NetCom has about 650 employees in Norway, mainly in the headquarters in Oslo, and with the second largest group in Trondheim. The NetCom office in Trondheim consists mainly of sales, customer service and technical departments. NetCom was for a while the exclusive carrier for iPhone (iPhone 3G) in Norway, until Telenor signed an agreement with Apple Inc. to also distribute the device in Scandinavia.

Availability for tracking customers whereabouts[edit]

A 16 September 2013 Dagens Næringsliv article said that a security weakness at Netcom resulted in the availability of "—with simple resources, to track [the whereabouts of] members of parliament and other NetCom customers abroad, when they were on a job [trip] or on a holiday"—until the weakness was rectified (tette hullet) on 12 September 2013.[2]


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