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IndustryComputer software
FateAcquired by The Attachmate Group (July 5, 2006 (2006-07-05))
FoundedSan Jose, California, United States (1995 (1995))
United States
Key people
Jay Gardner (President and GM)
  • Access Governance Suite
  • Access Manager
  • Access Review
  • Advanced Authentication Framework
  • Aegis
  • AppManager
  • Change Guardian
  • Cloud Manager
  • Directory and Resource Administrator
  • eDirectory
  • Identity Manager
  • Operations Center
  • PlateSpin Forge
  • PlateSpin Migrate
  • PlateSpin Protect
  • PlateSpin Recon
  • Privileged User Manager
  • Secure Configuration Manager
  • SecureLogin
  • Sentinel
ParentMicro Focus Edit this at Wikidata

NetIQ is an enterprise software company based in Houston, Texas whose products provide identity and access management, security and data center management. It's flagship offerings are NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager. Other key software titles include AppManager, Secure Configuration Manager, Sentinel.

Micro Focus International has owned NetIQ since 2014, when MFI acquired Attachmate, which acquired NetIQ in 2006,[1] six years after the latter acquired Mission Critical Software.[2].[3]


NetIQ was founded by Ching-fa Hwang, Her-daw Che, Hon Wong, Ken Prayoon Cheng and Tom Kemp in September 1995; ; AppManager was introduced 1996.[4] Their February 2000 merger with Mission Critical Software[2] widened the company's focus to include systems management as well as performance.[5][6]

In 2001, NetIQ acquired Webtrends, whose software "monitors corporate Internet traffic." [7][8] — which they sold in 2005.[9]

In 2006, NetIQ was acquired by Attachmate.[10] After Attachmate acquired Novell in 2011,[11] NetIQ added identity and security products as well as data center and virtualization[12] to their offerings. It was the Attachmate acquisition that led to today’s alignment of NetIQ products into three categories:

In 2014, Attachmate merged with Micro Focus International.[14]

Products and services[edit]

NetIQ Access Manager
a Web access management product that provides single sign-on for web applications.
NetIQ Identity Manager
NetIQ's implementation of Identity Management software. It utilizes XML-based configuration files to determine the product's implemented functions.[15][16]

With synchronization capabilities out of the box including various directories, databases, phone systems, operating systems, and HR systems, IDM strives to ease the administrative efforts of large enterprises by preventing administrative effort duplication. IDM 4.6 was released in February 2017.[17]

Security management[edit]

  • Change Guardian[18]
  • Secure Configuration Manager[19]
  • Sentinel[20]
  • Privileged User Manager[21]

Data center management[edit]

  • AppManager[22] AppManager was extended to Windows NT in 1997.[23]
  • Cloud Manager
  • PlateSpin Protect
  • PlateSpin Migrate - handles workload migration
  • Operations Center

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