Net Deception

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Net Deception
Net Deception official poster
Genre Crime drama
Written by Chung Ching-leung
Choi Suk-yin
Starring Wong He
Eddie Kwan
Jack Wu
Myolie Wu
Tiffany Lam
Opening theme Fui Sik Hung Bo by
Wong He
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Kwan Wing-chung
Running time 45 minutes (each)
Original network Jade
Original release 17 May – 9 June 2006
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Net Deception (Traditional Chinese: 追魂交易) is a Hong Kong television crime drama serial released overseas in January 2004 and broadcast on Hong Kong's Jade network from 17 May to 9 June 2006.


The winner of the game almost loses his soul!
What can put him back on the path to self-discovery?

Tong Ka-Ming (Jack Wu) is a police cadet who got expelled for hacking into the school system to change his friend's grade. In order to join the police force again, Chong Chin-Pang (Eddie Kwan) made an offer to Ka-Ming, to be an undercover cop. His duty was to get close to Yiu Sing-Tin (Wong He) and find his criminal activities. Ka-Ming has no choice but to accept.

Chin Pang's superior had told him to close this case, but he refused because he has some personal differences with Sing-Tin. Yiu Sing-Tin is a successful game developer who opened an Internet cafe to hide his criminal identity which leads Ka-Ming a chance to join his team with his exceptional computer skills. Sing-Tin gives a lot of trust to Ka-Ming, however Ka-Ming makes one wrong move and Sing-Tin finds out his undercover identity...


Cast Role Description
Wong He Yiu Sing-Tin
Game Developer
Kong Kin-Yee's stepbrother.
Hong Sin-Yee's boyfriend.
Eddie Kwan (關禮傑) Chong Chin-Pang
Police Officer
Jack Wu Tong Ka-Ming
Undercover Police/Hacker
Kong Kin-Yee's lover.
Myolie Wu Kong Kin-Yee
Internet Cafe Waitress
Yiu Sing-Tin's stepsister.
Tong Ka-Ming's lover.
Tiffany Lam Hong Sin-Yee (Erica)
Yiu Sing-Tin's girlfriend.
Felix Lok (駱應鈞) Hon Yi-Leung
Johnson Lee (李思捷) Chan Bo-Wing
Stephen Wong Leung Ka-Chung

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