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Netball in Malawi
National team(s)Malawi

Netball in Malawi is popular with women, with the Chichewa word for the game being "Nchembre mbaye". The country has a national team and an under-21 team and also club teams.


A team of Malawi netball players posing for a team picture
A Malawi netball team

Netball is the most popular women's sport in Malawi.[1][2] The Malawi word for netball is Nchembre mbaye, where Nchembre means "mother". This name clearly links the sport to women and those who are responsible for taking care of their families.[3] The game is played by young people in the country.[4] The government has provided funding for construction of netball facilities.[5] UNICEF has also supported the game in Malawi.[6]

National team[edit]

Malawi national netball team is called the Queens.[7] The Queens have won the African Cup of Netball Champions.[8] The country participated in the 1976 East and Central African Senior Challenge Cup. Malawi lost to Zambia 19-61 at the 1995 Zambian hosted ECA Senior Challenge Cup. Malawi went on to finish last in the tournament with zero points.[9] In 2001, the national team trained the Kamuzu Institute for Youth.[5] In 2006, most of the players were drawn from the top two clubs in the country.[10] In 2012, the national team participated in the Fast5 World Series.[11] As of August 2016, the women's national team was ranked number sixth in the world.[12]

In April 2008, Lesotho hosted the Malawi Under-21 national netball team. The match was part of the annual Confederation of Southern Africa Netball Association (COSANA) tournament.[13] In 2008, Whyte Mulilima was an assistant coach on the Malawi Under-21 national netball team.[13]

Club teams[edit]

Netball clubs in Malawi include

  • Blue Eagle Sisters
  • Civonets
  • ESCOM Sisters
  • MTL Queens
  • Mzuzu Queens
  • Tigresses (aka "Bingu Tigresses" and "ADMARC Tigresses")
  • Woget

Club awards[edit]

In 1992, the ADMARC Tigresses won the Southern African Netball Associations trophy. A Malawian player was also named the best player in that tournament.[14] In 2017, Civonets become the first team in the central region to lift up national cup after won GOTV NETBALL CHALLENGE.

Notable players[edit]

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