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Stable release / July 01, 2013
Operating systemWindows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
Available inTurkish, English

Netcad is a Turkish provider of CAD and GIS computer software, founded in 1989. The company develops software and engineering solutions for fields including GIS, mapping, urban planning, agriculture, geology, mining and forestry.

Netcad currently offers approximately 30 GIS and CAD-based applications for desktop, web, mobile and cloud usage. Netcad software is developed entirely within the local Turkish sources, and is the first comprehensive Turkish based GIS solution.


  • Netcad - is a CAD and GIS application that enables professional engineering solutions over a wide spectrum.
  • Netigma - is a collection of software classes and user interfaces developed in order to facilitate application development and allow additional features to be realized without writing code
  • Netmap - is a Netcad module for zoning and cadastral project preparation, including coordinate calculations. It has a standard structure thanks to the use of template files in project creation
  • Netpro - is a Netcad module for preparation of volume-based projects such as land studies, motorways, railways, airports, harbors, dams, residential area planning and excavations

Market penetration[edit]

Netcad has developed applications in Turkish, English and Russian for over 20,000 license-holders and more than 100,000 legal users around the world. The market share of the solutions of Netcad technologies provided for public authorities, municipalities and private sector throughout Turkey has reached 85%.

In addition, Netcad products are being used as subject matter of courses in 462 departments in 82 universities. The number of people participating in Netcad Campus training programs is 5,500 per year. Netcad, ranking number 136 in the ‘500 Largest IT Companies’ listing for 2012, number 21 in the Turkey centered manufacturer category, number 6 in the Turkey centered manufacturer-software and number 7 in the list of top 20 companies according to the sectoral software income, always tries to maintain its sense of product and service quality at high levels with ISO 9001 quality certificate and CMMI LEVEL 3. The objective of Netcad is to be listed among the top 100 information technologies.

While in Turkey, Netcad is used by 800 municipalities, 950 public authorities, 4500 private sector company and 82 universities, it is used in 16 countries of 3 different continents.

All Netcad products are fully matching the local laws and regulations of existing markets and are easily to be integrated the alterations of laws and regulations of new markets as well. Netcad is also being given as a compulsory course in many reputable Universities in Turkey. (i.e.Karadeniz Technical University,[1] Istanbul Technical University,[2] Yildiz Technical University,[3][4] Selçuk University, Hacettepe University)

ULUSAL CAD ve GIS Cozumleri A.S (the developer) is associate member of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)[5] and Netcad NETGIS Server has WMS[6] and WFS[7] compliancy certificates.

GEOID LLC is an official representative of Netcad in Azerbaijan


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