Netherlands Antillean Football Union

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Netherlands Antillean Football Union
Dutch Antilles FA.png
Founded5 September 1958
Folded5 February 2011
FIFA affiliation1958
CONCACAF affiliation18 September 1961

The Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Unie (NAVU) was the governing body of football in the former Netherlands Antilles between September 1958 and February 2011. Its jurisdiction consisted of the islands of Curaçao, Bonaire and (until 1986) Aruba.

NAVU was established on 5 September 1958 following a merger between Arubaanse Voetbal Bond (AVB) and Curaçaose Voetbal Bond (CVB). The Bonaire Voetbal Bond (BVB) later joined on 4 August 1963. The FIFA membership of CVB was transferred to NAFU in 1958.[1]

NAVU was a founding member of CONCACAF in September 1961.[2]

The Arubaanse Voetbal Bond split from NAFU in 1986 and becoming a full member of CONCACAF and two years later, a full member of FIFA.[1]

In February 2011, NAFU was succeeded by Federashon Futbol Korsou (FFK) following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles.


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