Netherlands Antilles national baseball team

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Netherlands Antilles Baseball Team
Country  Netherlands
Federation Netherlands Antillean Baseball Federation
Confederation Pan American Baseball Confederation
Manager Raymond van Gurp
World Cup
Appearances 12 (First in 1952)
Best result 7th (1961, 1965, 1973)

The Netherlands Antilles national baseball team was a national team of the Netherlands Antilles and was controlled by the Netherlands Antillean Baseball Federation. It represented the former nation in senior-level men's international competition. The team is still a member of the Pan American Baseball Confederation (Confederación Panamericana de Béisbol in Spanish, and abbreviated to "COPABE"), and is ranked 10th among teams from the confederation, and 22nd in the world according to the International Baseball Federation (IBAF).[1]

The Netherlands Antilles have been represented—distinct from the Netherlands—in twelve Baseball World Cups. To date their highest finish is 7th place.[2]

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