Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

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Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy
Nimd logo.gif
Abbreviation NIMD
Formation 2000
Type non-profit
Ben Bot

The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD; Dutch: Nederlands Instituut voor Meerpartijendemocratie) is a democracy assistance organisation of political parties in the Netherlands for political parties in young democracies. NIMD supports joint initiatives of political parties to improve the functioning of multi-party democracies abroad.

The institute was founded in 2000 by seven parties across the political spectrum (CDA, PvdA, VVD, Groenlinks, Democrats 66, Christen Unie and SGP). Former Dutch foreign minister Ben Bot is chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute.


NIMD currently works with more than 150 political parties from 25 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.[1] The institute promotes interparty dialogue between political figures, because this will provide the opportunity to build trust and create mutual relationship among political parties. Moreover, interparty dialogue will create consensus and helps to find solutions to challenges. According to NIMD, dialogue will also create a safe meeting space for politicians and parties to meet and adopt policies to reform their nations.[2]


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