Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association

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The Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) was established in 1974 to promote the common interests of all companies holding licences to explore for, develop and produce hydrocarbons on- and offshore in The Netherlands.


NOGEPA's Ordinary Members are the companies operating in the Netherlands, often in association with other companies, the Associate Members. Ordinary Members keep their Associates informed of NOGEPA's activities.

The main activities are carried out in committees and workgroups, formed by expert representatives from the member companies. The committees are managed under Executive Sponsorship.

An Executive Committee, whose members are selected in a General Meeting, manages NOGEPA. The Executive Committee meets regularly to establish NOGEPA's policies, which are implemented by NOGEPA's permanent Secretariat.

Permit To Work[edit]

NOGEPA created a Permit to Work paper based system. It is an old and proven method to ensure hazardous work is not carried out without safeguards in place. The permit to work system by NOGEPA has been implemented by two different companies: eVision software and iBanx HSE .