Netherlands at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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Netherlands at the
1900 Summer Olympics
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IOC code NED
NOC Dutch Olympic Committee*
Dutch Sports Federation
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in Paris
Competitors 29 in 6 sports
Ranked 18th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 1 3 4
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games

The Netherlands first competed at the Summer Olympic Games at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France.


Med 1.png Gold[edit]

Med 2.png Silver[edit]

  • Minerva Amsterdam — rowing, coxed fours

Med 3.png Bronze[edit]

Results by event[edit]


6 Dutch archers competed in the first Olympic archery competition. The Netherlands did not win any medals in the competition. None of the names of the Dutch archers are known. They competed only in the Sur la Perche à la Herse and Sur la Perche à la Pyramide events, though whether all six competed in both or if any or all competed in only one is also unknown.


The Netherlands first competed in fencing at the Olympics in the sport's second appearance. The nation sent one fencer.

Event Place Fencer Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Masters épée 19-54 Antonius van Nieuwenhuizen 3rd-6th
in pool A
None held Did not advance


Event Place Boat Round 1 Semifinals Final
Coxed pairs 1st Minerva Amsterdam
François Brandt, Roelof Klein, Hermanus Brockmann[1], unknown cox
None held 6:56.0
2nd, semifinal 1
Coxed fours 2nd Minerva Amsterdam
Coenraad Hiebendaal, Gerhard Lotsy, Paulus Lotsy, Johannes Terwogt, Hermanus Brockmann (cox)
None held 6:02.0
1st, semifinal 2
2nd, final B
Coxed eights 3rd Minerva Amsterdam
François Brandt, Johannes van Dijk, Roelof Klein, Ruurd Leegstra, Walter Middelberg, Hendrik Offerhaus, Walter Thijssen, Henricus Tromp, Hermanus Brockmann (cox)
None held 4:59.2
1st, semifinal 1


Event Place Sailors Time (total)
3-10 ton class 4th Christoffel Hooijkaas
Henricus Smulders
Arie van der Valden
Open class Christoffel Hooijkaas
Henricus Smulders
Arie van der Valden


The Netherlands' first Olympic appearance included competing in the shooting events. Dutch shooters competed in the military pistol and military rifle sets of events.

Event Place Shooter Score
Military pistol
6th Dirk Boest Gips 437
12th Henrik Sillem 408
15th Antonius Bouwens 390
18th Solko van den Bergh 331
20th Anthony Sweijs 310
Military pistol
3rd Solko van den Bergh, Antonious Bouwens, Gerardus van Haan, Henrik Sillem, Anthony Sweijs 1876
Military rifle
14th Marcus Ravenswaaij 272
22nd Uilke Vuurman 261
25th Henrik Sillem 249
26th Solko van den Bergh 239
28th Antonius Bouwens 238
Military rifle
5th Marcus Ravenswaaij 306
6th Uilke Vuurman 303
11th Antonius Bouwens 296
19th Henrik Sillem 281
20th Solko van den Bergh 274
Military rifle
6th Henrik Sillem 317
8th Uilke Vuurman 312
14th Marcus Ravenswaaij 303
20th Solko van den Bergh 292
26th Antonius Bouwens 278
Military rifle
three positions
9th Marcus Ravenswaaij 881
14th Uilke Vuurman 876
18th Henrik Sillem 847
25th Antonius Bouwens 812
27th Solko van den Bergh 805
Military rifle
5th Solko van den Bergh, Antonius Bouwens, Marcus Ravenswaaij, Henrik Sillem, Uilke Vuurman 4221


Event Place Swimmer Semifinals Final
Men's 200 metre
13th Herman Alexander de By 3:10.4
2nd, semifinal 4
Did not advance
Men's 4000 metre
5th Eduard Meijer 1:17:55.4
2nd, semifinal 2
Men's 200 metre
3rd Johannes Drost 3:10.2
2nd, semifinal 3
4th Johannes Bloemen 3:09.2
1st, semifinal 2


  • a b Hermanus Brockmann in coxed pairs rowing competition was the coxswain for the semifinals, but not for the finals. The name of the French boy the Dutch team employed as a coxswain for the final is unknown. The medal therefore was not awarded to the Netherlands, but to a Mixed team (ZZX).