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The first Lubbers cabinet (1982-1986) was formed by the right-wing political parties CDA and VVD. The aim of the cabinet was cutting government spending and privatizations. There was much internal resistance of the left-wing, especially the largest mass demonstration in Dutch history, against the placement of cruise missiles. The enormous unemployment was reduced during this period. Aruba became autonomous in 1986.


Prime Minister,
General Affairs
Ruud Lubbers CDA
Vice Prime Minister
Gijs van Aardenne VVD
Foreign Affairs Hans van den Broek CDA
Justice Frits Korthals Altes VVD
Interior Affairs Koos Rietkerk VVD deceased February 20, 1986
Frits Korthals Altes VVD February 21 - March 12, 1986
Rudolf de Korte VVD from March 12, 1986
Education and Sciences Wim Deetman CDA
Finance Onno Ruding CDA
Defence Job de Ruiter CDA
Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment Pieter Winsemius VVD
Transport and Water Neelie Smit-Kroes VVD
Agriculture and Fishery Gerrit Braks CDA
Social Affairs, Employment and Dutch Caribbean and Aruban Affairs Jan de Koning CDA
Welfare, Health and Culture Elco Brinkman CDA
Development Cooperation Eegje Schoo VVD

State Secretaries[edit]