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Netinera Deutschland GmbH
Industry Transport and logistics
Founded 2003 (2003)
Headquarters Viechtach, Germany
Key people
  • Jost Knebel (CEO)
  • Markus Resch (CFO)
  • Alexander Sterr (Labour Director)
Number of employees
3,777 (2014)
Parent Ferrovie dello Stato (FS)

Netinera (formerly Arriva Deutschland), is a railway company operating in Germany.

With Deutsche Bahn's purchase of British transport group Arriva in 2010, the European Commission ruled that Deutsche Bahn would have to shed Arriva's German operations in order to comply with competition rules.[1] The new owners, FS Italiane Group and Cube, a French-Luxembourg investment fund, renamed the company as Netinera in March 2011.[2]


In 2005 Arriva bought Sippel which operates buses in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden[3] and Erlangen.[4] It went to buy Verkehrsbetriebe Bils in 2006, which operates buses in Münster, Warendorf and Hamm and later in the year it acquired Neißeverkehr which operates buses in the Neiße region.


In 2004 Arriva acquired Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH (PEG), which operates several lines in east Germany around Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, North-Rhine Westphalia and Pomerania.

In 2004 it also bought Regentalbahn AG, sometimes known as the Länderbahn, with its subsidiary Vogtlandbahn, which operates regional rail services in southern Saxony, northern and southern Bavaria and eastern Thuringia, and a long distance service to Berlin.

In April 2007 Arriva acquired an 86% stake in the Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE):[5][6] a majority shareholder in the Metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft which operates regional train services on the Hamburg to Bremen, Hamburg to Hanover, Hamburg to Cuxhaven and Hanover to Göttingen lines.

In September 2012, Netinera ordered 63 Coradia Lint trains from Alstom, which would be used on services in Rheinland-Pfalz.[7]


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