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Nettbuss AS
Formerly called
NSB Biltrafikk AS
Industry Bus transport
Founded 1925 (1996)
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Areas served
Norway, Denmark, Sweden
Key people
Arne Veggeland (CEO)
Revenue NOK 2,991 million (2005)
Increase NOK 83 million (2005)
Number of employees
5,000 (2006)
Parent Norwegian State Railways
Subsidiaries 14
Slogan Vi kjører for deg!
(English: We drive for you!)

Nettbuss AS is the largest bus company in Norway owned by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). It was until 2000 known as NSB Biltrafikk. The company has 14 operating subsidiaries throughout Norway and in Denmark and Sweden.

The company has its headquarters in Oslo with the operations being performed by subsidiaries. The company has about 25% market share in Norway and offers both local and express bus services in addition to tour buses/coaches through Peer Gynt Tours. The corporation has approximately 5,000 employees.

Most of the routes are on contract or public service obligation (PSO) with the counties, and in some counties the buses are branded with the counties public transport brands, like Ruter in Akershus and Kolumbus in Rogaland. On some regional high-frequency routes Nettbuss uses its own brand TIMEkspressen (the hourly express).


A Nettbuss Trøndelag bus in Trondheim

NSB Bilruter was established on 9 November 1925 as part of the Norwegian State Railway to offer supplementary bus services in Trøndelag. The first route was from Hell to Selbu, known as Selburuta. The company developed a number of routes to supplement train services.

In 1996 the bus division was made a separate limited company, NSB Biltrafikk AS, wholly owned by NSB. The new company started a vast acquisition of numerous local bus companies in addition to winning public service obligation contracts with some Norwegian counties. In 2000 the company changed its name to Nettbuss. The same year the truck division was sold to the Norwegian Postal Service.[1]

Among the companies acquired by Nettbuss are:



TIMEkspressen (Time Ekspressen means "Hourly Express") is an intercity coach brand used by Nettbuss on 9 routes in Norway. The coaches are usually operated at one hour headway, but some routes have higher frequency in rush hour and lower frequency in the weekends.

Further information: TIMEkspressen


Luxury intercity coaches, operated on Göteborg-Stockholm, Oslo-Göteborg-Malmö, Oslo-Stockholm, Oslo-Tønsberg and Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger.

Further information: Bus4You

Nettbuss express[edit]

Intercity coaches, continuing the routes formerly known as Säfflebussen in Sweden and some routes in Norway that formerly were operated as NOR-WAY Bussekspress.

Further information: Nettbuss express


Nettbuss has 12 fully owned and two partially owned subsidiaries.[2]

Nettbuss Ekspress AS[edit]

Nettbuss Ekspress AS operates several of their intercity coach lines in Norway, including Bus4You between Bergen and Stavanger/Sandnes and some of the Nettbuss express and TIMEkspressen lines.

Nettbuss Midt-Norge AS[edit]

Nettbuss Midt-Norge AS, formerly Nettbuss Trøndelag AS, is the result of the acquisition of Fjerdingen Busselskap, serving Stjørdal and Meråker as well as Hemne og Orkladal Billag, serving large parts of Sør-Trøndelag. The company is headquartered in Trondheim.

Nettbuss Sør AS[edit]

A Mercedes-Benz Citaro from Nettbuss Sør in Kristiansand.

Nettbuss Sør operates local and intercity buses in Buskerud, Telemark, Vest-Agder (from January 2011 also local buses in Kristiansand) and Rogaland. The company had its headquarters in Arendal until 2013, when it was moved to Drammen.

Nettbuss Øst AS[edit]

Nettbuss Øst, formerly Nettbuss Lillestrøm AS, operates local and intercity buses within the counties of Akershus, Hedmark, Oslo and Østfold.

Nordlandsbuss AS[edit]

Nordlandsbuss is owned 34% by Nettbuss and 66% by Saltens Bilruter and was the result of a merge between Nettbuss Helgeland AS and Saltens Bilruter's bus division. The company operates local and express bus routes in Nordland county and has its offices in Bodø.

Nettbuss AB[edit]

Previously Orusttrafiken, and is one of Nettbuss' Swedish subsidiaries. Formerly headquartered in Stenungsund, now Göteborg, the company operates primarily in Southwestern Sweden in addition to Katrineholm and Norrköping.

Nettbuss Express AB[edit]

Nettbuss Express AB is another of Nettbuss' Swedish subsidiaries. It operates the Swedish part of the two intercity coach brands Bus4You and Nettbuss express. Routes between cities like Karlstad, Örebro, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Acquired by Nettbuss in 2006, Säfflebussen changed its name to Bus4You in January 2009 and moved its headquarters to Borås, later Göteborg.

Nettbuss Stadsbussarna AB[edit]

Nettbuss Stadsbussarna AB, formerly Stadsbussarna Sverige AB, operates the city buses in Östersund and Gävle.[3]

Former operations[edit]

Borg Buss AS[edit]

Initially 50% of Borg Buss was owned by Nettbuss while the rest was owned by Fredrikstad and Hvaler municipalities. The company operated local buses in Østfold. Later Nettbuss obtained a 100% share and it was merged into Nettbuss Øst.

Nettbuss Danmark A/S[edit]

Nettbuss Danmark was Nettbuss' subsidiary in Danish market. In 2006 Nettbuss acquired Partner Bus AS and has merged it into Netbus Denmark. The headquarters were located in Copenhagen.[4] In 2014 the operations merged with Keolis' Danish subsidiary via a joint venture, where Nettbuss owns 25%.

Nettbuss Drammen AS[edit]

Nettbuss Drammen operated bus services in the counties of Buskerud and Telemark, including the city buses in Drammen. Nettbuss Telemark was merged into Nettbuss Drammen in 2005. The company had its headquarters in Drammen. In 2013 it was merged into Nettbuss Sør AS.

Nettbuss Møre AS[edit]

Nettbuss Møre was the result of numerous mergers in Møre og Romsdal, the latest between Nettbuss Møre and Nettbuss Ålesund. The company operated a number of routes in the county, including the city buses in Kristiansund, Molde and Ålesund and two intercity coach routes to Oslo. The company was headquartered in Ålesund. In 2013 it was merged into Nettbuss Midt-Norge AS.

Nettbuss Travel AS[edit]

Nettbuss Travel AS was a subsidiary that sold charter coach services from its offices in Oslo. It was merged into Nettbuss Ekspress AS in the spring of 2015.

Nettbuss Trondheim AS (Team Trafikk AS)[edit]

Team Trafikk was created by a merger between the municipal Trondheim Trafikkselskap and private Hemne og Orkladal Billag. It was then acquired by Nettbuss and the city bus in Trondheim and Klæbu kept the name Team Trafikk while the rest of the operations were moved to Nettbuss Møre and Nettbuss Trøndelag. The company also owns the subsidiary Team Verkstedsenter AS that operates three commercial heavy duty workshops. Headquarters lay in Trondheim. On 1 January 2011, the company changed its name to Nettbuss Trondheim, and was merged into Nettbuss Trøndelag later the same year.

Nettbuss Østfold AS[edit]

Nettbuss Østfold operated local and intercity buses in Østfold and was headquartered in Sarpsborg. Was merged into Nettbuss Øst in 2013.