Nette (Innerste)

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For other uses of Nette see Nette.
Nette Henneckenrode.jpg
The Nette near Henneckenrode
Location Lower Saxony, Germany
Length 43 km
Source near Herrhausen am Harz
Source height ca. 365 m above sea level (NN)
Mouth near Derneburg into the Innerste
52°06′05″N 10°06′39″E / 52.101365°N 10.11078°E / 52.101365; 10.11078
Mouth height ca. 90 m above sea level (NN)
Descent ca. 260 mdep1
Basin Weser
Progression Innerste → Leine → Aller → Weser → North Sea
Catchment 310 km²
Right tributaries Schildau, Ortshäuser Bach
Large towns Seesen
Small towns Bockenem

The Nette is a small river in Lower Saxony, Germany, a left tributary of the Innerste. It rises in the Harz, in the municipality of Seesen. The Nette flows through Bockenem before reaching the Innerste in Holle, between Hildesheim and Salzgitter.