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Network Film Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed bySaptaswa Basu
Produced byPriti Basu
Saptaswa Basu
Screenplay byRini Ghosh
Saptaswa Basu
StarringSaswata Chatterjee
Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Rini Ghosh
Bhaskar Banerjee
Indrajit Mazumder
Saptarshi Roy
Saayoni Ghosh
Anindya Chatterjee
Darshana Banik
Rana Basu Thakur
Music byDabbu
Raz Dee
Chirantan Banerjee
Aviraj Sen
CinematographyProsenjit Chowdhury (DOP)
Ankit Sengupta (additional cinematography)
Edited byAnirban Maity
Saptaswa Basu (co-editor)
Neo Studios
Release date
  • 28 June 2019 (2019-06-28)
Budget15 million (US$220,000)

Network is an Indian Bengali language thriller film, starring Saswata Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Rini Ghosh, Bhaskar Banerjee, Indrajit Mazumder, Saptarshi Roy, Kartikey Tripathi, Eshani Ghosh, Saayoni Ghosh and Anindya Chatterjee, Darshana Banik. The film is the debut feature of director Saptaswa Basu who has co-written the screenplay with Rini Ghosh. This is the first Bengali feature film to feature a song of the RnB genre which is composed and sung by Raz Dee. The promotional track of this film is sung by Shaan and composed by Dabbu. The other songs are composed by Chirantan Banerjee and Aviraj Sen.

The film was theatrically released on 28 June 2019.[1][2][3][4]


Abhijit Ganguly (played by Saswata Chatterjee) is a media professional who has long lost his fame. After his daughter's death he has turned into a walking shadow, who is recognized by no one. When he gets to know about his terminal disease which will allow him to live only for one more year, he decides to put in all his own resources to make a new film and make a comeback to regain his lost fame. He teams up with a group of talented actors and production management team including Raj and Shreya, who become very trusted to him. However, he gets betrayed by these very associates and is left ruined. He creates a reality TV show named "Their Life", a unique show which deals with celebrity lifestyle. Through this show, he starts to take revenge on the persons who betrayed him one by one in each episode.[5]


  • Saswata Chatterjee as Abhijit Ganguly
  • Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Arindam Chakraborty
  • Rini Ghosh as Shreya
  • Indrajit Mazumder as Raj
  • Kartikey Tripathi as Subho
  • Bhaskar Banerjee as Subrata
  • Eshani Ghosh as Puja
  • Saayoni Ghosh as Priyanka (special appearance)
  • Saptarshi Roy as Arjun Chatterjee
  • Akshay Kapoor as Mr. Agarwal
  • Anindya Chatterjee as Joy (special appearance)
  • Darshana Banik as Prerna (special appearance)
  • Rana Basu Thakur as Mr. Bose

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The film commenced its principal photography in mid 2017 and was wrapped up in early 2018. It was completed in three schedules including a song schedule, with intervals in between, to give time for rough edits and re-shoot decisions. A separate schedule was planned to shoot the climax sequence. The film has been shot in Kolkata, Bakrahat, Tajpur sea beach, Purple Movie town, Moon city studios and Raichak on Ganges. A few stock shots for the TV show sequence were shot in Andaman, Goa and Bangkok.[13][14]


Soundtrack album by
Dabbu, Raz Dee, Chirantan Banerjee and Aviraj Sen
StudioAmara Muzik Bengali
GenreFeature film soundtrack
Singles from Network
  1. "Tokey Chhara (তোকে ছাড়া)"
    Released: 1 Oct 2018
  2. "Deewana Bole Dake Amay"
    Released: 13 Feb 2019

All music composed by Dabbu, Raz Dee, Chirantan Banerjee and Aviraj Sen.

1."Tokey Chhara (তোকে ছাড়া)"Abhishek Bagchi, Raz DeeRaz DeeRaz Dee3:04
2."Deewana Bole Dake Amay"Satrujit DasguptaDabbuShaan, Jayeeta Roy4:22


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