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nkf, which stands for Network Kanji Filter, is a Unix computer program that converts Japanese encoding. It supports JIS, Shift_JIS and EUC-JP, as well as Unicode.

USAGE:  nkf(nkf32,wnkf,nkf2) -[flags] [in file] .. [out file for -O flag]
b,u      Output is bufferred (DEFAULT),Output is unbufferred
j,s,e,w  Outout code is JIS 7 bit (DEFAULT), Shift JIS, AT&T JIS (EUC), UTF-8
J,S,E,W  Input assumption is JIS 7 bit , Shift JIS, AT&T JIS (EUC), UTF-8
t        no conversion
i_/o_    Output sequence to designate JIS-kanji/ASCII (DEFAULT B)
r        {de/en}crypt ROT13/47
h        1 hirakana->katakana, 2 katakana->hirakana,3 both
v        Show this usage. V: show version
m[BQN0]  MIME decode [B:base64,Q:quoted,N:non-strict,0:no decode]
M[BQ]    MIME encode [B:base64 Q:quoted]
l        ISO8859-1 (Latin-1) support
f/F      Folding: -f60 or -f or -f60-10 (fold margin 10) F preserve nl
Z[0-3]   Convert X0208 alphabet to ASCII  1: Kankaku to space,2: 2 spaces,
                                          3: Convert HTML Entity
X,x      Assume X0201 kana in MS-Kanji, -x preserves X0201
B[0-2]   Broken input  0: missing ESC,1: any X on ESC-[($]-X,2: ASCII on NL
O        Output to File (DEFAULT 'nkf.out')
d,c      Delete \r in line feed and \032, Add \r in line feed
I        Convert non ISO-2022-JP charactor to GETA
-L[uwm]  line mode u:LF w:CRLF m:CR (DEFAULT noconversion)
long name options
 --fj,--unix,--mac,--windows                convert for the system
 --jis,--euc,--sjis,--utf8,--utf16,--mime,--base64  convert for the code
 --overwrite          Overwrite original listed files by filtered result
Network Kanji Filter Version 2.0 (4/0401/Shinji Kono)
Copyright (C) 1987, FUJITSU LTD. (I.Ichikawa),2000 S. Kono, COW, 2002-2004 Kono, Furukawa

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