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Network Utility
Developer(s)Apple Computer
Stable release
1.9.1 (106)
Operating systemmacOS
Typenetwork software

Network Utility is an application included with macOS that provides a variety tools that can be used related to computer network information gathering and analysis.

Network Utility shows information about each of your network connections, including the Mac Address of the interface, the IP addresses assigned to it, its speed and status, a count of data packets sent and received, and a count of transmission errors and collisions.


The available services or tools found in the Network Utility:

Actionable Items[edit]

Examples of what the Network Utility can help with:

Port scan information[edit]

Network Utility uses the tools supplied in the unix directories for most of its functions, however for the port scan it uses a unix executable in its resources folder, stroke, found at Network

How To Open It[edit]

  • In OS X Mavericks and macOS, Network Utility is in /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.
  • In OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard, Network Utility is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
  • Find Network Utility using Spotlight (software)



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