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Network for Good
NetworkforGood logo.png
Formation 2001
Location Washington, D.C.
CEO Bill Strathmann

Network for Good is an online fundraising platform for charities and non-profit organizations. The company was founded in 2001 by America Online, Cisco Systems and Yahoo! and has processed over $1 billion in donations since inception. Network for Good charges between 3% to 5% transaction processing fee for donations,[1] in addition to any subscription fees that the charity might incur. Transaction processing costs may be covered by the donor or the nonprofit organization.


As well as its headquarters, it also has an office in San Francisco, California, through its 2005 merger with Board members are composed of people who have previously worked with various other companies such as AOL, Yahoo! and eBay.[2]

Non-profit services[edit]

Non-profits can access tools for online fundraising, email marketing, events management and expert advice.[3] Nonprofits can also receive free tips and training on topics including how to develop and improve their online marketing, donor communications and fundraising. Network for Good offers webinars, ebooks, courses, newsletters, and how-to articles.[4]

Partnership services[edit]

Network for Good provides online giving capabilities[5] for cause marketing, employee giving, and charitable rewards for corporate partners. The company also works with technology partners and developers to power giving sites through its API.

Papers and studies[edit]

Network for Good publishes a Digital Giving Index,[6] based on the 2010 Online Giving Study. This data is based on Network for Good's own yearly donation processing activities and shows the annual changes in donation volume, average donation, and other trends in online giving. Network for Good publishes multiple ebooks and whitepapers each year on topics ranging from disaster giving to social media. The organization also sponsored "How Crisis Compels Donors to Give Online", a study on online donations during disasters such as Hurricane Katrina,[7] and "The Wired Fundraiser", a study reflecting how current technology is changing the world of fundraising.[8]

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