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NeuLion Inc.
Traded as TSXNLN
Founded 2004
Headquarters Plainview, New York, USA
Key people
Nancy Li, Executive Chair
Roy E. Reichbach, President and CEO
Michael Her, Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Wagner, EVP, Marketplace Strategy
Ronald Nunn, EVP, Operations
Trevor Renfield, Chief Financial Officer
Tim Alavathil, Chief Accounting Officer
Number of employees
525 (July 2016)

NeuLion (pronounced "new lion") (TSXNLN) is an online video technology company headquartered in Plainview, New York, USA.[1][2][3]

The company specializes in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization of live and on-demand content, up to 4K, to Internet-enabled devices.


  • 2004: NeuLion was founded in as a privately held technology company.
  • October 2008: NeuLion finalized a merger with Internet streaming company JumpTV[4] combining technology and client partnerships in sports, international and variety programming.
  • July 2009: JumpTV Inc. changed its name to NeuLion, Inc. and continued trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the new name and new symbol NLN.[5]
  • November 2009: NeuLion acquired Vancouver based webcasting company Interactive Netcasting Systems ("INSINC")[6] which held among other properties, eight North American based hockey leagues.
  • October 2010: the NeuLion closed an acquisition of TransVideo International.[7] TransVideo is a Chinese-based IPTV technology provider and a manufacturer of set top boxes utilized by the company.
  • February 2015: NeuLion acquired DivX, Inc., a digital video solutions provider and Kanaan Jemili, former DivX CEO became CEO of NeuLion.[8]
  • June 2016: NeuLion acquired Saffron Digital, a UK-based company building multi-platform digital video services for entertainment delivered over-the-top to internet connected devices.[9]

Company Information[edit]

NeuLion works with content providers and aggregators, and has approximately 525 employees worldwide. Nancy Li serves as Executive Chair; Roy E. Reichbach serves as President and CEO; Michael Her serves as Chief Technology Officer; Ron Nunn serves as Executive Vice President of Business Operations; Chris Wagner serves as Executive Vice President of Marketplace Strategy; Trevor Renfield serves as Chief Financial Officer; and Tim Alavathil serves as Chief Accounting Officer.

NeuLion has principal offices in Plainview, New York; San Diego, California; Sanford, Florida; and London, UK with additional offices in 12 other cities worldwide.


NeuLion’s technology and services include multi-screen video delivery solutions, consumer electronics licensing, professional content tools and consumer software.

NeuLion Digital Platform The NeuLion Digital Platform is an end-to-end platform providing licensed components from content ingestion, encoding and management to content security, monetization and monitoring, as well as app development of interactive fan experiences across all devices. The platform facilitates the streaming and sharing of high-quality content up to Ultra HD/4K, including premium sports and entertainment content such as NBA,[10] NFL,[11] Major League Soccer,[12] Univision,[13] UFC,[14] Tennis Channel,[15] Big Ten Network,[16] and more.

CE Licensing The NeuLion 4K Streaming SDK for consumer electronics is a licensed product that allows CE manufacturers to quickly deploy devices that can support 4K video streaming (at 4Kp60 through leveraging HEVC MPEG-DASH), including live OTT video services powered by the NeuLion Digital Platform. The SDK is currently licensed by Samsung Electronics,[17] Sony,[18] LG Electronics,[19] and more.

Consumer Software NeuLion's DivX® Software enables mobile video consumption, desktop and web video playback up to 4K resolution, and DLNA streaming to devices. The NeuLion 4K Mobile App (code-named Project 88) enables users to stream video up to 4K 60 frames per second from a smartphone to smart TVs when both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.[20]

MainConcept Tools Under its MainConcept brand, NeuLion provides professional content tools and technologies including Codec, HEVC, Transcoding, and Mobile SDKs directly to customers in broadcast, video production, security, multimedia, and more.

Other Services NeuLion has partnered with Univision[21] and NBA[22] to trial live 4K streaming events, and has partnered with The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and Cisco Systems to develop a mobile app with multiple live video streams, replay options, and more interactive features over in-stadium wi-fi for a fan-centric experience.[23]

Key Markets: Broadcasters, Operators, Sports Leagues and Teams, Sports Networks, Colleges and Conferences, Content Rights Holders, CE, Service Providers, Video Production, OTT Services and Consumers.


  • Cablefax Technology Innovation Award: Tech Partnership (NeuLion + Tennis Channel) – 2016[24]
  • Cynopsis Sports Media Award: Best App - Affiliated (UFC.TV) – 2013[25]
  • Sports Business Journal Best in Sports Technology Nominee – 2013, 2010, 2009[26]
  • CES Mobile Apps Showdown Nominee (UFC.TV for Android) – 2012[27]
  • Streaming Media Best Online Video Company Nominee – 2010
  • Streaming Media Best Mobile Video Platform Nominee – 2010
  • Mobile Excellence Award Winner: Best Mobile Application for Entertainment (NHL Icetime) – 2010[28]
  • Streaming Media Reader’s Choice Finalist: Internet TV Set-Top Box – 2008, 2007[29]


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