Neu Wulmstorf

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Neu Wulmstorf
Coat of arms of Neu Wulmstorf
Coat of arms
Neu Wulmstorf   is located in Germany
Neu Wulmstorf
Neu Wulmstorf
Coordinates: 53°27′46″N 9°47′44″E / 53.46278°N 9.79556°E / 53.46278; 9.79556Coordinates: 53°27′46″N 9°47′44″E / 53.46278°N 9.79556°E / 53.46278; 9.79556
Country Germany
State Lower Saxony
District Harburg
 • Mayor Wolf-Egbert Rosenzweig (SPD)
 • Total 56.16 km2 (21.68 sq mi)
Elevation 7 m (23 ft)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 20,828
 • Density 370/km2 (960/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 21629
Dialling codes 040 and 04168
Vehicle registration WL

Neu Wulmstorf (Low German: Vosshusen) is a municipality ('Einheitsgemeinde') in the district of Harburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It changed its name on December 11, 1964 from ″Wulmstorf″ to ″Neu Wulmstorf″. It is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

City hall Neu Wulmstorf
Rübke Neu Wulmstorf Rade, Neu Wulmstorf Schwiederstorf ElstorfNeu Wulmstorf in Neu Wulmstorf.svg


Neu Wulmstorf is situated between Hamburg in the east, the marsh of the Altes Land in the north, the forest of the Harburg Hills (Harburger Berge) in the south east, Buchholz in der Nordheide and the geest to the south, and Buxtehude to the west. The municipality incorporates eleven villages and most of the area marks the north north west outskirts of the larger natural region of the Lüneburg Heath in North Germany.

Harvesting of apples in Rübke

The landscape is dominated by the transition from the marsh in the north to the geest in south east. On the marsh side lies the village of Rübke in the Lower Saxon Elbe marshes at sea level and the nature reserve (Naturschutzgebiet) Moore bei Buxtehude (mire), which is home to the corn crake.

The town of Neu Wulmstorf sits right on the transitions from the mire up to the geest.

Further up, the villages Wulmstorf, Daerstorf, Schwiederstorf, Rade are marking the highest elevations of Neu Wulmstorf on the western outskirts of the Harburg Hills.

The villages of Ardestorf, Elstorf, Bachheide, Rade, Mienenbüttel and Ohlenbüttel lie on a stretch reaching from the north east to the south end of the municipality.


On December 31, 2013 there were 20,384 registered people living in Neu Wulmstorf. The population roughly doubled during the past 42 years.[2] See below for the development of the population (all on December 31): [3]

1961 1970 1987 1992 1997 2002 2007 2012 2013 2014
Total Population 6.754[2] 10.011[2] 14.227 16.751 18.841 20.543 20.649 20.979 20.384[4] 22.274[5]
June 1987 = 100 % 101,5 % 119,5 % 134,4 % 146,6 % 147,3 % 149,7 %


The relatively young town of Neu Wulmstorf grew at the intersection of two old trails. The main road connecting Rübke in the marsh with the geest villages of Wulmstorf and Elstorf intersects with the Bundesstraße 73 as the main road connecting Stade and Cuxhaven with Hamburg. It dominates the town as it cuts through from east to west. Just before the geest, the Lower Elbe Railway marked the north border of the Neu Wulmstorf village for many years, with the Neu Wulmstorf S-Bahn station. The station bore the name Daerstorf before that village including the exclave on which the station was built upon, got incorporated into Neu Wulmstorf.

Another axis is the connection from Buxtehude to Buchholz. The first stretch of the Bundesstraße 3, intersects with the Bundesautobahn 1 at the south tip of the municipality.


Neu Wulmstorf is serviced by the rapid transit system of the city train of Hamburg with the station Neu Wulmstorf. Bus service connects Neu Wulmstorf to Hamburg-Neugraben.


Neu Wulmstorf has three primary schools. Secondary schools are the Hauptschule Vossbarg, the Realschule Vierkaten and the Gymnasium Neu Wulmstorf.[6]


Neu Wulmstorf has several sporting areas including a sports centre with swimming hall in the centre of the village. These clubs provide a rich sports life:

  • TVV Neu Wulmstorf
  • TSV Elstorf
  • BSC Neu Wulmstorf
  • Schützenverein Neu Wulmstorf
  • DLRG

Twin town[edit]


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