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Representatives of all five DB Neubau steam locomotives

The German term Neubaulokomotive specifically refers to those steam locomotives which were newly designed and built, either for the Deutsche Bundesbahn in West Germany or the Deutsche Reichsbahn in East Germany, after the Second World War.


The term Neubaulokomotive or Neubaulok was chosen to distinguish these locomotives from the standard steam locomotives built by the pre-war Deutsche Reichsbahn in Germany, the so-called Einheitsdampflokomotiven or Einheitsloks.

The main differences were the welded plate frames instead of bar frames and more powerful boilers with combustion chambers. The locomotives which were newly developed by the Bundesbahn stand out visually from their Reichsbahn and former state railway (Länderbahnen) counterparts, particularly because of their shiny, silver-coloured boiler rings.

DB locomotives[edit]

The DB Neubauloks were:

DR locomotives[edit]

The Neubauloks of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn in the GDR were:

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