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IndustryOffice sharing
FoundedNew York (2011 (2011))
  • Joshua Abram
  • Alan Murray
  • James O'Reilly
United States
Area served
  • New York
  • Los Angeles

NeueHouse is an American company that provides collaborative workspace and services in New York and Los Angeles.


NeueHouse was founded in 2011 in New York by Joshua Abram, Alan Murray and James O'Reilly.[1][2][3] Its first workspace in New York opened in May 2013.[4] NeueHouse also published a hardcover print publication named NeueJournal.[5][6] In the summer of 2015 the company raised $25 million venture funding by Great Eagle Holdings.[1][7] In November 2018, NeueHouse raised $30 million from outside investors and hired new leadership.[8]


The gallery at NeueHouse in Madison Square.

NeueHouse provides working space to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, operating in the film, fashion, design, publishing and arts sectors.[7][4][9] NeueHouse also organizes live talks and cultural programming.[10] Membership at NeueHouse is by invitation only and its prices range from $200-$1,500.[4][10][11]


The library at NeueHouse in Madison Square.

NeueHouse operates buildings in New York and Los Angeles. The New York building is located in 110 East 25th Street in Manhattan.[12][13] In Los Angeles, NeueHouse leased the CBS Columbia Square building and opened in October 2015.[14][15].


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