Neue Deutsche Welle (album)

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Neue Deutsche Welle
Studio album by Fler
Released Germany May 2, 2005
Genre German hip hop
Label Aggro Berlin
Producer Beathoavenz, Paul NZA & Kilian, DJ Shusta, DJ Desue, Don Tone, Tai Jason, Loggarizm, Fuego
Fler chronology
Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten
Neue Deutsche Welle

Neue Deutsche Welle (German for New German Wave; see Neue Deutsche Welle) is the 1st solo album by German rapper Fler. The album is accused of having nationalist views,[1] because of his lyrics in songs like "Neue Deutsche Welle", such as the line: Das ist schwarz, rot, gold - hart und stolz ("This is black, red, gold - hard and proud"). The black, red, and gold refers to the colors of the German flag.

Background and production[edit]

After Fler had worked and released with rapper Bushido, his first professional album Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten in 2002, he became popular in the underground hip hop scene.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Papa ist da (Intro)" (Daddy is back) Paul NZA & Kilian 3:27
2. "A.G.G.R.O." (featuring Tony D & B-Tight) DJ Desue 3:46
3. "Jackpot" Paul NZA & Kilian 2:59
4. "Skit"   0:17
5. "NDW 2005" Paul NZA & Kilian 3:51
6. "Was?!" (What?!) DJ Shusta 4:33
7. "F.L.E.R." Beathoavenz 3:52
8. "20:15" (featuring G-Hot) Paul NZA & Kilian 3:05
9. "Skit"   0:08
10. "Playboy" (featuring Sido) Don Tone 3:50
11. "Bitte Bitte" (Please, please) Beathoavenz 3:36
12. "Eine Bombe du liegst" (A bomb and you're lying, featuring G-Hot) Don Tone 3:47
13. "BÄNG BÄNG" Fuego 3:48
14. "Willkommen in Berlin" (Welcome in Berlin, featuring Megaloh) Tai Jason 3:57
15. "Ein Mann, ein Wort" (A man, a word) Paul NZA & Kilian 3:55
16. "Skit"   1:20
17. "Abtörn Görl" (Turn-off girl, featuring Deine Lieblings Rapper) Paul NZA & Kilian 3:54
18. "Alles wird gut" (Everything will be fine, featuring G-Hot) Loggarizm 4:04
19. "Neue Deutsche Welle 2004" (featuring Shizoe) Fuego 3:35
20. "Schwererziehbar 2005" (Difficult to educate 2005) Fuego 4:01


Fler has been accused of nationalist views because of his lyrics from his album: "[...] This is black, red, gold - hard and proud, nobody noticed it, but believe me my mom is German [...]".

The critics also accused him of using a Hitler quotation, a reference to the 1939 invasion of Poland. Original from Hitler: "Since 5.45 we have been shooting back". Fler's publicity: "On the 1st of May I will be shooting back".

Rapper and labelmate Sido said in VIVA on 17 June 2005 that neither Fler nor anybody else is a Nazi at Aggro Berlin. Bushido, a formerly member of the label, claimed that this wasn't "just" for marking:

"It wasn't just Aggro. Fler did it on his own, as a reaction. All his friends are damn proud of being Arabs or Turks. So Fler presented himself as a proud German. […] I don't want to use my Tunesian father as an alibi, and of course friends of mine have played with Nazi references, most recently Fler, but if you use the Reichsflagge as part of your logo and ride around with skinheads in your video then you can't be surprised at this sort of reaction. I have always distanced myself from that kind of shit."

Fler defended himself, that he isn't a Nazi. He himself dislikes them. With the following quotations, he gaves a correct position to the accuses:

  • "I beat Nazis [...]" from "A.G.G.R.O."
  • "I'm not a Nazi, I'm a German with identity"
  • "If Nazis would rap, believe me, they all were already dead / You want to fuck somebody now? Fuck the NPD!"


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