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Platform view

Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) is an underground railway station in the German capital city of Berlin. This Berlin U-Bahn station is located on the U5.


The station opened in July 1989, just a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The eastern extension of (what is now) line U5 was one of the last major construction projects of the former German Democratic Republic.

The planned name of the station was Kaulsdorf-Nordost. However, when it opened the station's name was Heinz-Hoffmann-Straße (general of the GDR army). In 1991 it got the name Grottkauer Straße, then in 1996 it got the new name Neue Grottkauer Straße.[1] In 2016, the station was renamed again into Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) due to the international horticultural exhibition Internationale Gartenausstellung 2017 (IGA 2017).


The station is the eastern terminus of the IGA Cable Car (German: IGA-Seilbahn), an aerial tramway serving the Erholungspark Marzahn, built for the IGA 2017.[2][3]


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