Neue Schule Hamburg

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Neue Schule Hamburg
Schimmelreiterweg 11
Hamburg 22149
School type Private with state contribution, Sudbury school
Established 2007
Founder Philipp Palm
Silke Steinfadt
Thomas Simmerl
Authority Hamburg
Director Philipp Palm
Pädagogischer Leiter Björn Steffen[1]
Teaching staff 10
Gender Coeducational
Age 6 to 18
Enrollment c. 80[2] (2010)
Classes None

Neue Schule Hamburg (English: New School Hamburg) is a private Sudbury school in Rahlstedt, Hamburg, Germany, established in 2007.


The school was founded by Philipp Palm, who was the school's principal, Nena Kerner, Silke Steinfadt and Thomas Simmerl in September 2007 in Rahlstedt[3] with 85 pupils and six teachers.[4] It was the first school in Germany to be organised on the Sudbury school concept.[4] During the first year, there were reports of theft and violence at the school.[3] However, after three years, it was recognised by the Hamburg school authority as a state-approved substitute school (German: staatlich genehmigte Ersatzschule), and the Hamburg school authority agreed to contribute to the running costs from 2011.[2] In 2010, the school had increased the number of teachers to ten.[5]