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Neuland font.svg
Category Display
Designer(s) Rudolf Koch
Foundry Klingspor
Neuland sample text

Neuland is a German typeface that was designed in 1923 by Rudolf Koch for the Klingspor Type Foundry.

Koch designed it by directly carving the type into metal. The original typeface thus had a great deal of variance between the sizes. This can be easily duplicated with modern digital font software such as Metafont, but not with less versatile industry standards such as TrueType.

It is often used today when an “exotic” or “primitive” look is desired, such as the logos for Trader Vic's, Natural American Spirit cigarettes, and the Jurassic Park films (which use the inline variant). It is also commonly seen in an African or African-American context.

Sample of Neuland Inline

A common variant of Neuland (perhaps more common than the standard variety) is Neuland Inline. Lithos is a typeface that is often used in similar applications to Neuland.

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