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Neuland font.svg
Category Display
Designer(s) Rudolf Koch
Foundry Klingspor
Neuland sample text

Neuland is a German typeface that was designed in 1923 by Rudolf Koch for the Klingspor Type Foundry.

Koch designed it by directly carving the type into metal. The original typeface thus had a great deal of variance between the sizes, something not followed in digital versions where the same font serves for every print size.

While originally intended as a form of modern blackletter, Neuland has come instead to be used as a signifier of the “exotic” or “primitive”, such as in the logos for Trader Vic's, Natural American Spirit cigarettes, and the Jurassic Park films (which use the inline variant); controversially, this has included an association with African or African-American themes.[1]

Sample of Neuland Inline

A common variant of Neuland (perhaps more common than the standard variety) is Neuland Inline.

Phospor, by Jakob Erbar, was a contemporary and more regular competitor.[2] Phosphate, an unofficial revival created by Red Rooster Fonts, is bundled with OS X.[3]


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