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Neumünster station
Through station
Neumeunster bahnhof.jpg
Location Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein
Coordinates 54°04′33″N 9°58′48″E / 54.075955°N 9.97988°E / 54.075955; 9.97988Coordinates: 54°04′33″N 9°58′48″E / 54.075955°N 9.97988°E / 54.075955; 9.97988

Neumünster–Bad Oldesloe

Neumünster–Ascheberg (closed)
Other information
Station code 4420
DS100 code AN
Category 2 [1]
Opened 1844

Neumünster station is the main railway station of the town of Neumünster in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. It is at the junction of lines to Flensburg, Heide, Hamburg-Altona, Kiel, Bad Oldesloe, Kaltenkirchen and until 1985 Ascheberg. It is currently operated by Deutsche Bahn, which classifies it as a category 2 station.[1]


The station was opened in 1844 by the Altona-Kiel Railway Company (German: Altona-Kieler Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, AKE) during the construction of the first railway line in Schleswig-Holstein, which connected Kiel with Altona. Soon, more lines were added: in 1845 the route to Rendsburg was opened by the Rendsburg-Neumünster Railway Company (Rendsburg-Neumünstersche Eisenbahn). In 1866 the AKE opened its line to Ascheberg and on to Neustadt in Holstein (part of which is now incorporated in the Kiel–Lübeck line) and in 1875 it opened its line to Bad Oldesloe. Finally in 1877 the line to and from Heide was opened by the West Holstein Railway Company (Westholsteinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft). The AKN Railway reached Neumünster in 1916, but at first its trains terminated in Neumünster-Süd station.

The original station building was demolished in 1974 and replaced by a modern building.[2]

In September 1985 the line from Neumünster to Ascheberg was closed to passenger traffic. In November 1995, freight traffic on the line was also officially closed.

Since 2009, some modernisation has been carried out at the station. Thus, the passenger information systems have been replaced. Facilities on the platforms have been modernised and lifts to the platforms have been replaced.


In long-distance traffic, since 9 December 2007, Intercity-Express trains on the Aarhus–Hamburg–Berlin route have stopped in Neumünster as have Eurocity trains on the Aarhus–Hamburg route. There is also a pair of InterCity trains on the weekend that run directly from Flensburg station to Berlin and Cologne, stopping at Neumünster.

Line Route Frequency
ICE 20 (Kiel Hbf –) Hamburg Hbf – Hannover Hbf – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe – Frankfurt (Main) Hbf – Mannheim Hbf – Karlsruhe Hbf – Freiburg (Breisgau) Hbf – Basel SBB (– Zürich HB – Interlaken Ost) Individual services
ICE 22 (Kiel Hbf –) Hamburg Hbf – Hannover Hbf – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe – Frankfurt (Main) Hbf – Frankfurt Airport – Mannheim Hbf (– Heidelberg Hbf) – Stuttgart Hbf Individual services
ICE 31 Kiel Hbf – Hamburg Hbf – Osnabrück Hbf – Dortmund Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf – Köln Hbf – Koblenz Hbf – Frankfurt (Main) Hbf – Würzburg Hbf – Nürnberg Hbf – München Hbf Individual services
ICE 76 Berlin Ostbahnhof;– Hamburg Hbf – Neumünster – Flensburg – Århus Individual services

Regional Transport[edit]

DB Regionalbahn Schleswig Holstein (RB-SH) operates Regional-Express and Regionalbahn services between Neumünster and Flensburg every hour or two hours.

Since December 2005, a service has operated on the Hamburg–Flensburg line as the Schleswig-Holstein-Express.

  • Bad Oldesloe–Bad Segeberg–Rickling–Neumünster (HVV R11)
  • Hamburg–Elmshorn–Dauenhof–Neumünster–Kiel/–Flensburg (HVV R76)
  • Eidelstedt–Quickborn–Ulzburg Süd–Kaltenkirchen–Bad Barmstedt–Boostedt–Neumünster (HVV A1)
  • Büsum–Heide (Holstein)–Hohenwestedt–Neumünster
Line Route Frequency
RE HamburgPinneberg - ElmshornWristNeumünsterBordesholm - Kiel Hourly
RE Hamburg – Elmshorn – Neumünster – Nortorf - RendsburgSchleswig - Tarp – Flensburg Every 2 hours
RB (Hamburg-Altona –) Pinneberg – Elmshorn – Wrist – Neumünster Hourly
RB Neumünster – Einfeld - Bordesholm - Flintbek - Kiel Hourly
RB Neumünster – Rendsburg – Owschlag – Schleswig – Jübek – Flensburg Hourly
NBE Neumünster – Bad Segeberg – Bad Oldesloe Hourly
NBE (Büsum – Heide –) Hohenwestedt – Neumünster Hourly
A1Hamburg A1.svg NeumünsterKaltenkirchen – Quickborn – Hamburg-Eidelstedt Hourly


The station has six tracks that are used in passenger transport. Normally they are used as follows:

  • Platform track 1: trains to and from Bad Oldesloe.
  • Platform track 2: trains to and from Kaltenkirchen–Hamburg-Eidelstedt.
  • Platform tracks 3, 4 and 5: trains to and from Hamburg, Kiel and Flensburg.
  • Platform track 6: trains operate to and from Heide–Büsum.


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