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Neumarkt Zeichen 224.svgU-Bahn.svg
KVB logo.svg KVB light rail station
U-Bahnhof Neumarkt 02.jpg
Northbound platform of the underground station
Location Neumarkt, 50667 Köln
Coordinates 50°56′09″N 6°56′55″E / 50.93592°N 6.94864°E / 50.93592; 6.94864
Owned by Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe
Line(s) 1 3 4 7 9 16 18
Platforms 6 side platforms
Connections Bus, Taxi
Structure type underground, at-grade
Bicycle facilities Call a Bike
Disabled access Yes
Opened 6. October 1969

Neumarkt is a Stadtbahn station in Innenstadt, Cologne. The station is divided in an overground part for low-floor trains and an underground part for high-floor trains. It is important as a junction between the low-floor east-western lines (1, 7, 9) and the high-floor lines (3, 4, 16, 18).

Overground station[edit]

Neumarkt station (overground)

The overground part consists mainly of two low-floor platforms on the Neumarkt square used by the East-western trains of lines 1, 7 and 9. Although most of the trains don't terminate here in regular service, there is a loop surrounding the place. This loop, used for example by additional trains to the Stadium and by line 7 in the late evenings uses two additional platforms at the northern end of the Neumarkt. From the main platforms, there are stairs leading to the underground part of the station and to the HUGO-Passage.

Adjacent to the station is also a bus stop. All bus lines terminate here, the stop for exit is near the main platforms, the entrance platform near the platforms in the loop.

Underground station[edit]

The underground station is used by the high-floor trains of lines 3, 4, 16 and 18. There are two side-platforms, but the station does not offer any operational infrastructure.

When this station was opened, it also used low-floor platforms as also trams called here. When the platforms were elevated to allow step-free access to the trains, the escalators were not replaced, so from the platforms, a ramp was built to get to the level of the lower end of the escalators.


Preceding station   KVB   Following station
toward Bensberg
toward Thielenbruch
toward Bocklemünd
toward Schlebusch
toward Zündorf
toward Königsforst
toward Thielenbruch


An entrance to the HUGO-Passage

The HUGO-Passage is an underground concourse connecting both parts of the Station and the nearby Schildergasse. Inside, there are shops as well as a service center of the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (Cologne Transport Authority).

The name HUGO-Passage is usually shown by a green H in a yellow circle, the German sign for a tram stop (Haltestelle) representing the overground station, a white U in a blue box, the German sign for an underground (U-Bahn), and the word GO, depicting the possibilities for walkers to use the passage to avoid waiting at traffic lights.

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