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Neun Welten (meaning Nine Worlds in German, which relates to the nine worlds of Norse mythology) is a German music group primarily incorporating instrumental acoustic, traditional folk and dark folk in their music. Nature, forests, aspirations – these words cross the mind, if you listen to the sound of Neun Welten[Citation Needed]. The musical style is composed of dark folk, dreamy but also playful melodies and classical elements. The point of main emphasis of this young band from Halle and Leipzig is the acoustical orchestration. The sound carry off the audience in a calm atmosphere full of harmony and melancholy.

In 2005, Neun Welten was designated for the German Folk Award "RUTH 2005" in the Newcomer category.[1]

In 2007 they went on tour with Finnish band Tenhi and Dornenreich/Elane.

The band also contributed their song Pan to Prophecy Productions' multi-artist compilation Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings, published in 2010.

As of 2011, Neun Welten have revealed they are working on new material,[2] but the release date of a third full-length album remains unconfirmed.


  • Anja Hövelmann - recorder, clarinet
  • Aline Deinert - violin, piano
  • David Zaubitzer - acoustic guitar, cello
  • Marten Winter - drums, percussion
  • Meinolf Müller - acoustic guitar, jaw harp


Albums And EPs[edit]

Year Title Format, Special Notes
2001 Auf Ewig Wald MCD
2004 Valg MCD
2006 Vergessene Pfade CD
2009 Destrunken CD


Year Title Format, Special Notes
2003 Flammenzauber III: Tonwerk Zum Festival CD, limited to 500 copies. Live.
2003 Celebrant 2003 - Der mittelalterliche Klangkörper
2005 Looking For Europe 4xCD box
2006 Legend And Lore Auerbach/Prophecy Productions
2007 Spielmannstränen 2 Zillo
2010 Cantus I:Mediaeval Pagan Folk Lichtbringer
2010 Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings Auerbach/Prophecy Productions
2010 Maere Compilation Märchenstube


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