Neuquén – Plottier – Cipolletti

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Neuquén – Plottier – Cipolletti is an Agglomeration in Argentina that joins the cities of Neuquén, Cipolletti and Plottier, on the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro. the settlement is on the Confluence between the rivers Limay and Neuquén, forming the río Negro (black river), this zone is known as Comahue and is the most important settlement of population in Patagonia.


In 2001 the population was of 291.041 inhabitants, rising up to 19,4% in front of the 243.803 inhabitants registered in 1991. the demographic grewing of the population was reduced in the mid 90's to normal values; according to the last census is the 14th agglomeration of Argentina, after pass Bahía Blanca during the 90's. most of the inhabitants are public workers or work in agriculture, the main activity of the region.


Neuquén – Plottier – Cipolletti is located in the valley of the rivers Neuquén and Limay, denominated Alto Valle. The north of the Neuquén city is lying over the río Neuquén, and the south over Limay; Plottier is very close to the south of Limay river; and, Cipolletti lying at the left of Neuquén river.

Coordinates: 27°27′05″S 58°59′12″W / 27.45139°S 58.98667°W / -27.45139; -58.98667