Neuro Laboratory

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Neuro Laboratory
Developer(s) Scientific Software
Stable release
1.1 / September, 2006
Operating system Windows, Linux
Type Scientific computing
License Proprietary, Shareware

Neuro Laboratory is a shareware scientific computing software for Windows and Linux platforms developed by Scientific Software. The current version is 1.1.


Neural networks represent one of the most perspective and rapidly developing direction of an artificial intelligence and information processing.

The technologies based on NN, have found the applications in such areas as signals processing, images recognition, classifiers construction, complex systems behavior prediction, decision-making blocks construction.

Software Quick Overview[edit]

The target of Neuro Laboratory software is visual modeling and processing of various data with the use of neural networks. Any network model can be built and trained using the software’s environment. The software contains Network Elements Toolbox - component which represents the realization of most commonly used neural networks paradigms (simple neuron, RBF cell, Kohonen layer, Hopfield layer). Neuro Laboratory also contains neural networks training components and training quality verification components.

Neuro Laboratory gives all the necessary facilities for such activities as scientific research, software development and education. It contains the flexible export component which gives an opportunity to use the prepared data in different custom applications. Due to well planned software’s architecture the main module’s functionality extensions are possible in the way of external components implementing. They are called plug-ins and trainers in Neuro Laboratory terminology.

The environment is also extendable with script engine which makes it possible to parse and to train NNs in script editor. This component is implemented as a plug-in and is called Scripting Environment.

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